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It's me, Kevin.

I love to help people share their story. I love to see it when a business finds that passion again through a video, interview or some creative media project that we worked together on.


Passion and purpose come from the act of storytelling itself, yet it's also something that I'm naturally gifted at; helping people have greater clarity and direction, to move forward and achieve their dreams and goals.  So for me this process of storytelling fuels my own passion and creativity to grow Sandbar Media as I get to partner with people to share their story and be refueled and energized along the way! 

Why the name Sandbar?

The Sandbar is my happy place. I love Sarasota's bright sparkling water and feeling the sand beneath my feet. I enjoy the carefree tropical atmosphere to spend time with my family and good friends as I take a break from the daily grind and take in a breath of fresh air.  I believe that good stories bring the kind of peace and fullness back into our lives just like a day at the local sandbar does for me.  I desire to capture this feeling and concept throughout everything we do as a brand at Sandbar Media!

"It was a fun and an amazing experience being filmed by Kevin ...  I had so much fun and was absolutely amazed at the finished piece of video he arranged.
Looking back it was one of the best days of my life and an amazing experience. I think the camera loved me! Thank you Kevin for my 15 mins of fame!! Everything was absolutely perfect. You're the best and it was Legendary!!!

Lucas Congdon, FL

"I’ve been working closely with Kevin filming for over three years now and he’s incredibly talented! From still photos to mini video episodes and social media content Kevin has an ability to get the soul and energy of your brand across to your potential clients! I highly recommend using his company!"
“Just for starters Kevin is one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.
His professionalism and the ideas he comes up with are fantastic.
It’s such a fun experience having Kevin around when filming, pointing you in the right direction and just making the filming fun!"

Video Production Company Services

Video Production

Directing, filming, and editing your story in an engaging and memorable way that engages your audience across social media, YouTube, website engagement, live streaming services, TV content, movies and commercials. Our results driven approach to filming alongside our small humble company makes all the difference during the entire process of your project or special day.

Influencer Marketing

We can help build relationships and marketing content with industry influencers and leverage their networks to reach new customers for your brand.

Corporate Marketing

We have the experience and equipment to film almost anything. Most companies are limited to just one area but we specialize in all areas of video production big or small. If you have a project in mind please reach out to us we would love to chat more. 

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